Zsolt Kubecska, currently I am the CEO of 10X Leaders. My professional background as an Entrepreneur, Leadership Trainer and International Speaker has shown what are the key ingredients for a successful leader. My mission is to take people and companies to a higher level being able to expose their potential to the full. I have a 30+ year experience in the service trade sector and health care sector, serving as CEO of different companies and COO of an International Company being responsible for 1600 employees . I have a strong track record in Management, Entrepreneurship and Motivational Leadership. I have an extensive network within the areas of economy, service trade and politics. 

Monika Skaja, I am an experienced Project Manager, English Coach and Business Trainer with over 15 years of experience in the area of conducting training sessions in the business, personal development and educational field. My experience in the entrepreneurial world has allowed me to adopt forward-thinking initiatives, with a deep understanding of what it takes to build a company from scratch. I am an effective communicator with capabilities in assisting companies with solving everyday issues. I am a passionate coach and trainer eager to contribute by helping you to achieve your company goals.

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Sofia, Patience Trainer. I am very creative and I think out of the box. Growing up and having the chance of participating in various workshops I am full of ideas and I can support you with a patience training session. I am open and communicative, full of energy and full of life. I am able to support you with some interesting ideas.

Aneta Masztaller – I am a web developer and designer. I consider myself to be creative when it comes to devising various solutions, I am responsible for the full administration and electronic document flow. I built my first website when I was in high school. I create graphic designs, banners and I assist with social media. I have participated in many courses, trainings, webinars. I love developing and going further, always looking for more challenges. I like to help, I conduct onboarding trainings for employees. I enjoy overcoming obstacles, I know very well that balance is the most important thing in life. I am a big fan of dogs, I have 2 of them, I enjoy going for long walks in nature with them.

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