Motivate. Guide. Be a role model. Our team and I teach you and equip you with all of the necessary skills through our proven learning and training program. Regardless whether you are to move into the role of a team leader, have been a supervisor for many years, or are even a member of the management team yourself: Leadership means constant development and work. In our one-year leadership training, we support you in leading mindfully, in creating satisfied employees and high-performing teams, and in strengthening your own mental power.

Zsolt Kubecksa speaks to the students

10x Leadership Training

Our learning concept is intelligent, systematic and compact. Both the structure and the content of our Training Program is based on a well-organised, sustainable approach – with face-to-face seminars and Modules with experts with regard to the key areas covered in the training program. Due to the fact the Training Program is flexible, i.e. the participant may join the Program at any given time of the year we are able to assist you with the current issues you are dealing with, being able to support you in every area of business life.

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Regular Leadership Training sessions

Our Leadership Training sessions are conducted over a period of 12 months (one learning session per month), this allows you to apply what you have learnt over a longer period of time making the changes and improvements possible as they are guided by an experienced mentor. Due to the fact that the Leadership Training sessions are conducted in such a manner this gives room for development, promotes practice-oriented thinking and ensures motivating enlightening effects

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Repeating and analysing different points of view

As part of our concept, you will be trained in different areas of competence in each Leadership Training Module. The USP is that: Each area of competence is conveyed by different experts who specialise in a given area allowing you to have access to the most up-to-date knowledge and expertise.

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Established learning concept

The combination of well-known experts and experienced trainers with many years of management expertise creates optimal synergy effects. This approach and methodology has proven to provide the best results. Participants from different industries meet in small groups to exchange experiences and their networks. Feedback rounds and in-depth reflections make it easier to put the gained knowledge into practice.

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Implementation support for an extended period of time

The know-how acquired during the training can be optimally integrated into everyday work situations: thanks to the support provided by your personal trainer on site and your participation in the online platform you are able to obtain the best knowledge and experience. The modules are available for you to allow you to return to the learnt material allowing you to make more progress.

24 Modules Topic

In the 24 Module Training Program you recieve:

  • On-site face-to-face training sessions conducted by an experienced trainer. 
  • Leadership know-how, knowledge, expertise.
  • Guidance and assistance with solving everyday corporate issues.
  • Full access to the on-line learning platform with bonus material incl.
  • A personal mentor available for you during the whole 12 month duration of the training program.

Our 24 modules: